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Arriving in Morocco: Home Essentials to Get on Your 1st Week

You and your family are about to make the greatest move and arrive in Morocco. You’ve already secured a house and booked a hotel for the first few days. You’re well aware that there’s a lot of work ahead to establish your new life.

While you’re mindful of your budget and don’t want to overstay at the hotel, the thought of arriving at an empty home can be a bit daunting.

There’s cleaning to be done, a sleeping area to set up, and there could still be days or even weeks before your belongings arrive.

While fully furnishing your new place might take some time, you can start by acquiring the essentials to ensure your first few days in your new home are comfortable and off to an organised start.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined all the essential items you’ll need for your first day (or week), ensuring your transition is not only smoother but also an enjoyable experience, insha’Allah.

Keep reading until the end to get your FREE checklist!

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The five essential categories for your first week in Morocco

We’ll delve into these points in more detail shortly, but for now, let’s take a closer look at the item categories you’ll want to have in your first few days.

There are five essential categories you’ll want to have covered from day one:

  • Cleaning Essentials: Before you begin arranging anything around the house, it’s crucial to start with a good cleaning session for your new place. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better afterward!
  • Toiletries: We all know the importance of staying fresh and clean. Therefore, it’s essential to have a well-stocked toiletries kit to ensure you and your family can maintain personal hygiene and feel comfortable throughout the day, especially after that good cleaning session!
  • Kitchen Utensils: cooking proper meals can wait, but having some eating utensils can broaden your meal options a little bit more (and save on takeaways).
  • Sleeping Quarters: some of us are very fortunate to have family or friends who are willing to host us before we set up our place. But for those who don’t, don’t worry, you can get emergency sleeping quarters set up before you go and buy the beds.
  • First Aid Kit: accidents can happen when moving and you want to have this one hand, especially if you have kids. When my son cut himself with glass that got broken while moving, I wished I was prepared!

Also, don’t forget to get your new sim cards to communicate between your family, landlord / samsar or any local services such as a plumber and internet provider.

Prioritise getting cleaning essentials first!

The first thing you want to have on hand is cleaning items. I remember when I moved to a new place and I didn’t have a broom or a dustpan. My husband got us bread and curry, and my kids ate and left a mess!

It was stressful not being able to clean it properly. Alhamdulillaah, managed to get my husband to bring some cleaning stuff, but I’d want to be more prepared next time!

And you certainly don’t want to invite critters to your new place.

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General cleaning essentials:

To get started with cleaning, and maintaining a clean space, I suggest getting all the floor cleaning items first things first:

Tip #1: Get at least one room cleaned first, so you and your family can use it as a retreat space. You can use that room to put your abayas and bags, pray and loiter around.

Tip #2: If you want to be posh and have the place smell amazing, you can add some essential oils in your mop water! My favourite are tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil

Other essential cleaning items:

Safety Advice: for your and your family’s safety, never mix cleaning products! Some mixtures can produce dangerous toxins in the air. Also, ensure any cleaning products are out of the little ones’ reach.

Most shops in Morocco have cleaning household items. However, the small shop might not have the complete set.

So you’d want to go to a bigger hanut or a local supermarket like BIM or Carrefour.

If your area has 10-20 dirhams store, then you can find many cleaning products there as well.

Toiletries to help you and family freshen up

The second thing you want to have in order is toiletries. This ensures you and your family can freshen up throughout the day.

In the Gulf, we’re fortunate to have the instinjaa hose, but it’s not common at all in Morocco.

So I highly suggest getting a water bucket and a scooping plastic container for instinjaa on your first day, plus some toilet paper.

Alternatively, you can also see if you can find a toilet wash jug. My landlady used to have it back in the UK, and it looked like this:

I think I might have seen it somewhere, but it’s not something that’s widely available.

I know, shocking.

Some older houses in Morocco don’t have a proper boiler set up. We used to heat up water on the cooker and bring it to the bathroom, adjusting the temperature with cold water from the tap.

If the house you’re moving into is set up like that (I doubt it unless your house is old and hasn’t been renovated in ages), I highly suggest getting a big bucket and a smaller scooping container. Plus a small plastic stool.

Then if you haven’t brought any with you, you want to get things like towels, shampooo and soap.

After all, you want a nice shower after that good cleaning session!

Toiletries essentials

Since you’ll be living in Morocco, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a diverse selection of natural products offered at fantastic prices in the local souq!

These include items such as Moroccan beldi soap, Moroccan rose scrubs, and a wide range of argan products.

Be sure to make the most of Moroccan local products, which can be both hard to find and expensive elsewhere in the world!

Eating utensils for more budget friendly food options

On the first few days of moving, we usually rely on takeouts since the cooker and fridge haven’t arrived or properly set up yet.

Well, this is the PERFECT EXCUSE to try what the local cuisine have to offer!

The best charcoal grilled chicken sandwich we’ve had in Tamesna! For one full bread sandwich, it costed 12 MAD

You can get a variety of tagines, koftas sandwiches, msemens and French panini and more!

Nevertheless, having a few eating utensils on hand can broaden your meal choices and potentially help you save some money (as much as you probably prefer savouring the local cuisine).

Though you might not have a fridge or a cooker just yet, you can start your mornings with a easy bowl of cereal, topped with fresh milk and your favorite crunchy goodness, all easily acquired from a nearby shop.

And if you happen to have a trusty butter knife at hand, you’re all set to whip up some quick sandwiches for your meals!

Emergency utensils

Consider getting these utensils on your first week:

Some people can’t properly function without coffee or tea – so consider getting an electric kettle and refreshers if that’s important for you.

Oh, I see you!

Tip #4: Crafting a meal plan right from the start can spare you the headache of pondering what to nourish yourself and your family throughout the week.

Tip #5: Be sure to stock up on water (if you’re not a tap water person), healthy snacks like nuts and fruits to re-energise in between cleaning, unpacking and organising!

Setting up your sleeping quarters

Some families are fortunate to have close friends or relatives residing nearby the new place they move to, and some can afford renting an AirBnB until they’re comfortable to transition to their new home.

For example, in our family’s case, when my brothers and their families decide to move close by, they often stay with us during their first week in the area.

While the parents focus on unpacking and settling into their new home, my little nephews hang out with us until they’re done.

And when the day comes to an end, the parents return to our home. Typically, they continue staying with us until they have their own sleeping arrangements fully prepared.

For those of us who don’t have this option, we usually sleep on the floor (we usually get pillows and blankets on the first day), but winter in Morocco can be really cold, especially in the north, so having a mattress can be an essential.

It’s certainly easy to get mattresses, but if you want to be selective with the type of bedding you want to get it might take some time before you can go and shop.

One useful item we’ve used in the past is an air mattress. If you’re able to bring one with you when you come, that would be fantastic.

What’s truly remarkable about this is that it’s not a one-time-use item.

You can save it for when you have guests over, or when you go camping or stay somewhere and there’s not enough beds. It also comes with an electric pump!

Sleeping essentials

You want to get bedding set for each of the family members. So, you want:

First aid kit

Minor incidents such as bumps and cuts are fairly common, and you certainly want to be ready to provide immediate relief.

Having a first aid kit can provide peace of mind and, in some cases, can even be a life-saving resource.

What you carry in your first aid kit should also be tailored to your family’s specific needs. For instance, consider items for asthmatic family members or those with nut allergies.

You can go FULL ON or just get the basics (like me).

Here are my first aid kit basics

  • Arnica skin cream for bruise relief (I first got this from a dear friend, and it’s been my go-to solution for whenever my kids get bruises – you can also use it for adults)

Feel free to up me on this one and do a better preparation for your kit. Just make sure you know what AND how to use whatever you decide to include!

I just feel bad giving you a list of stuff that I never use, lol

I’d probably come back to this and make a better list, insha’Allah.

Read: NHS’s guide on first aid situations

If you encounter any medical emergencies in Morocco, call 15 or 150 for ambulance.

May Allah protect you and your family, ameen!

Make sure your kids have some activities during the first week

Moving can be an extremely tough situation for the little ones. And you want to make it pleasant for them.

This is especially crucial if they’re young and you have many tasks to attend to, leaving you unable to entertain or tend to them constantly.

Having them sit on screen is not something you want to get used to or completely rely on early on, as much as it’s probably the easiest option!

Trust me, it also comes with bad habits you don’t want to deal with, especially during this time of moving and settling down.

If they’re older kids, you’d want them to be involved in setting up the new place. But still, you want them to enjoy their breaks and down times too.

For toddlers, you can get them something like puzzles and toy blocks. For 5 years olds and up, they can enjoy similar activities with the items designed to suit their age.

If your kids are prone to draw on the walls, there are some cool products on Amazon such as these that you want to explore:

Tip #6: I’ll also avoid from getting any thing that have short battery life! Unless they’re really good quality, kids will get frustrated when it malfunctions or constantly needing new batteries.

Here are some suggestions and items to keep your kids entertained:

If you have a baby, it depends whether you’re alone or have a spouse, through which case you can take turns.

Some babies are okay with being left on a bouncer (especially when they’re at the newborn stage):

But if your baby is clingy and wants to be held all the time, then you probably can strap them in a baby carrier while you carry them and get things done.

Feel free to check out my favourie baby holder brand: Ergobaby, which is designed to be ergonomic (comfortable and easy on the spine).

Tip #7: I highly recommend buying children’s activity items before your arrival in Morocco and packing some in your luggage (don’t send it with the van man or moving company).

Get the Week 1 Home essentials checklist!

To save you time and help you be organised, I have this FREE checklist made for you!

To download your checklist, just put it in your email and it’ll be sent to your inbox. I’ve also created an additional page for you to include anything I haven’t listed.

Print out the checklist, complete it, and send your family to pick up the items from local stores.

Alternatively, you can use it as a guide for a single shopping trip to get everything you need!

You can also re-use this checklist whenever you move, whether that be in Morocco or elsewhere!

Other items you want to consider

If you encounter any unwelcome visitors, like pests, in your new home, remember to include some items in your checklist to help deal with them, such as a fly swatter and mosquito repellents.

Read post: Household Pests In Morocco You Want To Prepare For

Don’t forget to obtain whatever else is crucial for you and your family to feel at ease during your first week, like a kettle and a selection of tea.

One sister also suggested having a sewing kit on hand for any clothing tears, especially for outdoor garments!

Last but not least, don’t forget to make dua for your new home!

This a significant move for you, and it’s natural to have a lot of worries and feel anxious.

Remember the power of dua, and take this opportunity to pray that Allah blesses your new home and make the transition smooth and easy.

Pray that He, the Almighty, makes it a tranquil place for your and your family, to protect it from evil and fitnah and the likes.

Hijrah will come with its own set of challenges and difficulties, but the real worry is not encountering them, but HOW you respond to them.

Whatever struggles come your way, remember that it’ll come to pass insha’Allah, as Allah, the Most High said in Surah As-Sharh:

فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا

For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. (Surah As-Sharh, Ayah 5)

Also remember to see it as an expiation of sins, Allah is with those who are patient, and those who are patient will be greatly rewarded.

It’ll take time to adjust and make your new home feel like home, but insha’Allah it’ll be worth it.

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To summarise…

You don’t have to have your house FULLY set up to be comfortable. First things first, you want cleaning supplies and get at least one room clean where you can hang out and set it as a resting area.

Setting up toiletries ensures having freshed up throughout the day, and it’s one of the basic things for comfort.

Those are the two things that are really important.

If you have close friends or family nearby, then you can probably stay with them until you get the bedding sorted. Otherwise, getting mattresses are really easy. Or you can just bring some air mattresses with you.

Utensils are nice to have for a broader range of food options (and save money on takeaways). Equally important is having activities for kids to keep them engaged and content, which benefits both you and them.

Again and I cannot stress this enough, don’t forget to make PLENTY of dua!

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May Allah bless your hijrah and new house, ameen!

If you found this post helpful, do share with your family and friends. 🙂

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