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Is Fnideq a Great Place to Live?

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Fnideq is a town located in the northern part of Morocco. If you knew me from Instagram, you may have scrolled through a post where I wrote about Fnideq. If you’re curious about Fnideq and wondering whether you want to move here, then this post is for you.

To be honest, I didn’t know Fnideq existed until my family moved there in 2021. After exploring and living in different parts of Morocco, my family decided one day they wanted to explore and live on the Mediterranean coast.

It was a big move, as they travelled all the way from Tamesna and it was their first time living in the part of Morocco closest to Spain.

Advantages of living in Fnideq

There are some pros and cons to living in Fnideq, like every other place. However, for my family, the advantages outweigh the cons. They’ve been enjoying Fnideq so far, alhamdulillah. 

Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from the advantages Fnideq offers.

#1 The living costs in Fnideq is cheaper

Unlike Tetouan and Tangier, we found that the living costs in Fnideq are more affordable. This is ideal if you want to live in the northern part of Morocco, but want to save.

#2 It’s easy to make border runs

If you’re a passport holder of one of the countries that allow you to enter Morocco with a visa on arrival, and want to live in Morocco on a border-run lifestyle for some time, then living in Fnideq is a good lifestyle choice for that.

Fnideq is close to the Spanish city of Ceuta, and you can make a trip to Ceuta by car or even walk there. According to Google Maps, it takes only 9 to 13 minutes to drive to Ceuta by car, and approximately 1 hour and a half by walking.

#3 Fnideq is surrounded by sea and mountains

One of the best parts of living in Fnideq is that it’s surrounded by the sea and the mountains.

Going to the beach is only 5 minutes walking distance from where my mum lives. Hiking is also an easily accessible activity you can do every other day.

If you love living surrounded by natural landscapes, Fnideq is a beautiful town that offers that.

#4 It’s is quiet and peaceful

Because Fnideq is not a popular tourist destination and doesn’t have much going on – the place is quite nice and peaceful.

What’s the living cost like in Fnideq?

Wondering what’s the living expense like in Fnideq?

My sister and her husband pay 1700 MAD (approximately £135) per month for a two-bedroom apartment. It has a balcony, a big living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. For water and electricity, they pay around 600 MAD (£48) per month. This is because they share the bill with other tenants, but you can pay way less if you’re not sharing. For the internet, they pay 500 MAD (£40) per month.

My mum lives with my younger sister and she pays 1800 MAD (£143). This is for all what my other sister has but with an extra bedroom. For water and electricity, it’s around 150 MAD (£12) per month. For the cheapest internet plan, they pay 200 MAD (£16) per month. If you’re going to be working from home, this plan will not be suitable because it’s really slow. For the fastest internet, you pay 1000 MAD (£80) or more per month.

What’s the weather like in Fnideq?

Located in Northern Morocco, Fnideq can be really cold in winter. The summer in Fnideq is pleasantly warm. When I talked to my father recently (May), he said that it’s been humid.

Fnideq or Tetouan?

Tetouan has become the new hip for many Muslim expatriates. Many of our friends from the UK who want to move to Morocco usually always ask us about Tetouan. One of the main reasons many Muslims opt for Tetouan is because of the Markaz (learning centre) that was opened there not too long ago.

If you’re wondering whether to move to Tetouan or Fnideq, then the choice might not be too difficult if you know what you want and what your top priorities are.

Tetouan has a larger Muslim expat community

Besides my family, which consists of my parents, my adult siblings, and their families, there’s not much of an expat community in Fnideq.

There’s a British family we know who bought a house there, but they don’t live there and only come for holidays.

As Moroccans, we do mingle with other Moroccans. Perhaps we haven’t lived there long enough to know people, but according to my sister, as far as her experience goes, Fnideq people are not very friendly.

If you’re an outgoing person and want to be part of a community that you can rely on and give back to, then the community in Tetouan is larger, stronger, and more welcoming.

There are more stuff to do in Tetouan

Some of my family members, like my mum and younger sister, enjoy Fnideq due to the peace and quiet. They’re also homebodies who, if there’s an apocalypse, it wouldn’t matter to them. You can build a Sports centre or a mall, and they wouldn’t bat an eyelid. To them, as long as they can relax and chill at home it doesn’t matter where they are in Morocco.

On the other hand, some of my family members enjoy adventures and exploring new things. Besides the beach and mountain hikes, they find Fnideq rather boring. There’s so much more to do and see in Tetouan than in Fnideq.

10 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Tetouan

Are you a homebody or enjoy tourist/city life?

More business opportunities in Tetouan than in Fnideq

If you plan on opening up a local business, you’re more likely to make it in Tetouan, than Fnideq. In Tetouan, you’d have a larger audience and market to sell your products/services to.

More amenities and educational options in Tetouan

Most of my family either finished their education or are not at the age of going to school yet (my children, nephews, and nieces). So for us, this was not a factor to consider when we decided to move to Fnideq.

If you’re planning to send your children to school, Tetouan has more options to offer.

Book a stay and explore Fnideq

If you’ve never been to Fnideq and feel to know what it’s like and check out the town, there are many affordable accommodations you can book with

If you want to see more options of hotels and accommodation in the region, you can see the options here (Tangier-Tetouan region).

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions about Fnideq, feel free comment or message me 🙂

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