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7 Amazing Reasons To Make Hijrah To Morocco

A photo of a city of Marrakech, in Morocco. Mountains, mosque and houses.

Whether it be the false ideologies being forced on our children, or the hate we receive just by being Muslims, the everyday realities of life in a non-Muslim country can be extremely challenging.

Many Muslims are looking for ways to escape.

To move and live in a Muslim land, where we can raise our children, peacefully, in an environment with less unnecessary trials and harm.

The question is… where?

Which Muslim country should you make hijrah to?

With several Muslim countries to consider, you might be wondering – what about Morocco?

Although it is a popular tourist destination, is it a good place to LIVE?

To answer this, scroll down to read 7 reasons why Morocco is a great option for those seeking an Islamic environment to call home.

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7 Reasons To Make Hijrah To Morocco

#1 The weather in Morocco

hijrah to morocco, weather in Morocco
A beautiful autumn in the village of Taghia, located in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

Morocco has beautiful weather, with the winter being less brutal than Europe and the summer more forgiving than the Middle East.

Besides Morocco, we’ve lived in Indonesia and the UAE. After living in places with extreme humidity and scorching heat of a summer, Morocco’s weather feels like paradise.

Unlike the equatorian country and the Gulf, we’re not battling mosquitos all year long, and we don’t have to rely on air conditioners to live through the summer.

Much of Morocco has a typical four-season climate, which means you get ALL the seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Because Morocco is huge, the climate can differ depending where you live.

In the northern parts of Morocco, the weather is similar to Europe.

If you go south, towards the Sahara dessert, like Agadir and Taroudant, it can be really hot in the summer.

#2 Breathtaking nature

hijrah to morocco, nature and natural landscapes

From the snow-capped peaks of Atlas mountains, to the endless stretches of the Sahara desert, Morocco is rich in its stunning landscapes and beautiful nature.

If you’re a nature lover like me, Morocco can be an extremely rewarding place to be.

Here are some of Morocco’s best natural wonders:

  • The Akchour Waterfalls
  • The Toubkal Mountain
  • Paradise Valley (Agadir)
  • Sahara Desert
  • Legzira Beach

Whenever my family wants to de-stress, they rent a car and take a trip to indulge in what Morocco has to offer.

With so many beautiful places to live and explore with your family, you’ll never be short of adventures in the country.

#3 Delicous Moroccan food

Moroccan tagine with salad, and Moroccan tea pot.
Hijrah to Morocco

Moroccan food is renowned by its exquisite and wholesome flavours. The dishes have a unique combination of spices.

Some of the more famous dishes are tagine and couscous. Many of Moroccan dishes are influenced by a mixture of Berber, Andalusi, Mediterranean and Arab cuisines.

And there’s wide variety of it! If you don’t like a dish you’re bound to like another.

Living in Morocco comes with having easy access to the local cuisine, and because almost all ingredients are locally sourced it makes it even much better.

#4 Friendly immigration laws for expats

On top of all these wordly comforts we just mentioned above, Morocco has friendly immigration laws for foreigners for those who wish to live in the country.

Many foreigners with eligible passports can stay up to three months, and you can easily renew your visit visa by going to Spain.

Starting a business in Morocco is one way you can apply for residency, but you can also apply through other means, like buying a property in Morocco.

For those of us who have a Moroccan parentage or married to a Moroccan, it also makes applying for residency a lot easier.

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Unlike the gulf countries, it’s easier and cheaper to apply for residency in Morocco. And you’re also not faced with hefty fines if you happen to overstay.

My mother once overstayed for 2 years, and she only had to pay a few hundred Moroccan dirhams fines.

Of course, that being said, I advise against overstaying if you can help it.

#5 Affordable living costs

Another perk of living in Morocco is its affordable living costs.

Although prices have gone up, like every where else in the world, it still remains cheaper than many places.

A three bedrooms apartment can cost as low as £140 per month. For my mother and sister, they pay around 150 MAD (£12) per month for electricity and water. Fruits and vegetables can be very cheap when they’re in season.

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It’s worth mentioning that, although the cost of living is affordable, it’s also hard to find a good paying job, much less finding a traditional job at all.

To take advantage of Morocco’s cheap living costs, many expats tend to either keep a remote job from abroad or freelance.

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#6 Easier to live a simple and sustainable lifestyle

We didn’t move to Morocco with the intention to live more simply or sustainably.

Because there are fewer options for fast food and less convenience when it comes to ordering packages we’re forced to adapt to a simpler yet more fulfilling lifestyle.

Many of us who came to Morocco lost weight within a few months!

One thing I really LOVE about Morocco is that you can be happy with LESS. It feels as if your time, food and your provisions contain much more blessings.

#7 Close to the UK and European countries

If you’re coming from Europe or the UK, there’re two reasons why making hijrah to Morocco might be advantageous for you:

  • Easy for family and friends to visit (and vice versa)
  • Similar time zone

Flights to Europe and the UK can be really cheap, using low cost airlines such as Ryanair. Even though most of my family lives in Morocco, some still live in the UK. It’s been easy for us to meet up with each other due to the affordable flight costs.

Similarly, having a similar timezone has its benefits. If you decide to keep your jobs or clients from from Europe or the UK, you don’t have to compromise your daily schedule to match the working hours from those countries.

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    Maybe you’ve decided to move to Morocco, or perhaps you’re still figuring out whether it’s a suitable place for you and your family.

    Whatever you decide to do, it’s important that your decision is based on good research, and asking the right questions.

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    Feel free to join and ask other expats any questions you may have about living in Morocco.

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    Should You Move To Morocco?

    Although living in Morocco has its benefits, the country is not without its downsides and challenges.

    What might work for others might not necessarily work for you and your family.

    It’s important to really assess your priorities, and see if you can fulfill those needs in Morocco.

    You might need to let go of what you’re used to, or replace it with less. Or find different means to acquire it.

    And with any place you decide to move to, you should visit the place at least once if you can.

    Book a stay in Tangier-Tetouan

    Try staying for at least a few weeks or so, and see how you like it. You might be really enthusiastic in the beginning, but after you try it out you might get a totally different feel.

    All in all, I truly hope you find this post useful. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it to your friends and family who’re looking to make hijrah to a Muslim country!

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    1. From my personal experience, moroccans welcome/adore foreigners. They always try invite you for atay, and happy to help when you need it.

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